About us

AlSAYAD PERFUMES Providing the best and always distinctive in the world of perfumes, and to this day we feel that the greater our expansion in the Arab world and the more we offer, the greater our responsibilities to offer the types that suit all segments of society…

Creating a close working relationship between our customers and some customers are fully aware of what they want and this is what helps us to create an aromatic blend suitable for each person and we are always working in a permanent development to keep pace with everything new in the world of perfumes

Al-Sayyad Company for the manufacture and trade of perfumes was established as a hobby for its founder, Mr. Ahmed Al-Sayyad, who was known for his great passion for the perfume industry. Which prompted him to develop his business so that it became one of the most important companies in the Middle East.

During our journey that lasted more than 20 years, we made more than one of the company’s most aromatic blends for occasions.

Mr. Ahmed moved from the hobby of perfumes to the art of perfumes and its formulations and worked hard to gain more experiences by studying perfume chemistry.

We've visited and worked with international companies; in European, Spanish, Swiss, French, and German.

The company has always revolved around creativity and innovation, highlighting the uniqueness of each person with his own perfume. The company later became a subsidiary of AAP European Perfumes AAP.LLC